Cutting Board Designer - CBdesigner.exe V2.0

First of all, I'm blown away by all the kind words and feedback that I have received ever since I first released CBdesigner back in 2008.  It makes me glad to know that I was able to provide at least some assisstance to woodworkers as they pour their creativity into designing their cutting boards.

It's been almost 7 years since v1.3 but I'm happy to announce that I finally got around to making version 2.0!  It retains the same functionally with a few new bells and whistles.  I spruced up the GUI so it is pleasing to the eye and more user friendly.  One of the biggest changes is a Settings menu where the user can now set default settings and has the ability the make their own custom wood library (one of the most requested features by people).  You can also export your cutting board to a pdf file where you can print it for use in your shop.  I also added a randomize feature to help with the design process.

I also want to thank everyone who has monetarily supported my efforts to make this program.  I decided to keep this version 100% free in the spirit of supporting the woodworking community at large.  I am appreciative of anything you want to contribute.

Since this is a new version, I appreciate any questions/comments/suggestions you might have when running the program so I can incorporate them in future version when I get the chance.

Special thanks to Brad for helping me out over the years by developing the website and hosting the files.

Happy woodworking!

Take a look at a recent video highlighting the use of CBDesigner!  Note: This video highlights V1.3.  V2.0 Has many improvements, but this will give you a general idea of how it works.  If anyone puts together a video using V2.0, please contact Jay



"that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing"

"Very impressive"

"That is awesome. Goodbye spreadsheet! Thanks a ton."

"this is incredible!"

"I downloaded your program and it fits the bill perfectly! No more trying to visualize in my mind what a board might look like."

For those interested in downloading the previous version, you
can download it  HERE
IMPORTANT: If you don’t have it already on your computer,
you will need the comdlg32.ocx file in your Windows\System32
folder. I used its scripts for the standard Open and Save
commands in the program. In short, just follow the
instructions at this link to register the ocx file and it
should work. You can tell I don’t do computer programming
for a living. :P
Download the file HERE