Cutting Board Designer - CBdesigner.exe V1.3

Hi guys. After I completed my first cutting board, I wanted to make more using a different design. I wanted an easy way to design one on the computer, so I made a simple program in Visual Basic the other day. I hereby proclaim it as CBdesigner. Not so clever, huh? :) It helps me visualize what small changes in the first glue-up will turn out in the end-grain version, so maybe it will be of use to some of you woodworkers out there as well. I made it pretty self explanatory to use.

It creates a materials list so you know how much you need ahead of time so you can decide if you have enough scraps. It even takes into account the amount of wood lost from the saw blade itself so you can minimize waste. I made it as accurate as could be, but of course there is the possibility of errors so any comments/corrections are more than welcome! The colors I picked may not be the best representation of the woods listed either. Maximum layers is 200 (though the program breaks long before you get there). You can now insert and delete layers in the middle. You can also now drag the layers around by dragging the double-headed arrow. This program works on the assumption of ideal conditions, so please be sure to account for extra wood as you should be doing anyway. :) Feel free to distribute it if you like it. Lemme know if there’s a better way to host the file too. Thanks!!!

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have it already on your computer, you will need the comdlg32.ocx file in your Windows\System32 folder. I used its scripts for the standard Open and Save commands in the program. In short, just follow the instructions at this link to register the ocx file and it should work. You can tell I don’t do computer programming for a living. :P
Download and register comdlg32.ocx file

Take a look at a recent video highlighting the use of CBDesigner!



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